Invited Lecturers

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Name Prof. Yingliang Cheng
Affiliation Hunan University(CN)
Presentation Title The fabrication of tungsten oxide layers on pure Al substrate by plasma electrolytic oxidation in sodium tungstate based electrolytes

Name Prof. Bongyoung Yoo
Affiliation Hanyang University(KR)
Presentation Title Improved heat dissipation using PEO films on Al6061 alloy

Name Prof. Wenbin Xue
Affiliation Beijing Normal Unversity(CN)
Presentation Title Application of Optic Emission Spectroscopy in Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation

Affiliation Korea Institute of Materials Science(KR)
Presentation Title Fabrication of nanostructures and functionalization on various polymer substrates using linear ion beam source

Name Dr. Sungmo Moon
Affiliation Korea Institute of Materials Science(KR)
Presentation Title Surface treatment of metals based on plasma electrolytic oxidation method

Name MR. Marco Roesch
Affiliation SurTec International(GER)
Presentation Title High Performance Zinc Alloys

Name Dr. Tomonaga Ueno
Affiliation Nagoya University(JP)
Presentation Title Surface modification of carbon materials

Presentation Title Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation for Protective Materials

Name Prof. Jinsub Choi
Affiliation Inha University(KR)
Presentation Title High aspect ratio anodic TiO2 nanotubes with dopants for water oxidation: single step vs. potential shock vs. underpotential shock

Name Prof. Chiaki Terashima
Affiliation Tokyo University of Science(JP)
Presentation Title Solution plasma treatment of TiO2 materials for enhancing the photocatalytic activities

Name Dr. Dong-Ho Kim
Affiliation Korea Institute of Materials Science(KR)
Presentation Title Surface enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Substrates for Ultrasensitive Chemical Sensors

Name Prof. Junghoon Lee
Affiliation Pukyong National University(KR)
Presentation Title Multifunctional Onmiphobicity of Oil-Impregnated Nanoporous Anodic Aluminum Oxide Surfaces

Name Dr. Kyung Tae Kim
Affiliation Korea Institute of Materials Science(KR)
Presentation Title Surface-Mediation of Aluminium Powders for Advanced Energetic Applications

Name Prof. Nobuyuki Zettsu
Affiliation Shinshu University(JP)
Presentation Title Electrolyte/Electrode Interface Engineering Toward Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

Name Dr. Naoki Matsuda
Affiliation AIST(JP)
Presentation Title In situ observation of adsorption/desorption and direct electron transfer reaction of cytochrome c on solid/liquid interfaces with slab optical waveguide spectroscopy

Name Prof. Yaming Wang
Affiliation Harbin Institute of Technology(CN)
Presentation Title The improved corrosion resistance and fatigue properties of 2024 Al alloy treated by SMAT and MAO process

Name Prof. Masatoshi Sakairi
Affiliation Hokkaidou University(JP)
Presentation Title Effect of Anodizing Conditions on Porous Alumina Formation at Selected area with Solution Flow type Micro-Droplet Cell

Name Dr. Norifumi Isu
Affiliation LIXIL Corp. (JP)
Presentation Title Nature Inspired Anti-stain Surface Treatment for Housing Wet Area

Name Prof. Song-Zhu Kure-Chu
Affiliation Nagoya Institute of Technology(JP)
Presentation Title One-Process Fabrication of Nanoporous Sn-SnO2-TiO2/Cu6Sn5 Composite Films on Cu by Hybrid Electrodeposition for High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery Anodes

Name Prof. Jyh-Wei Lee
Affiliation Ming Chi University of Technology(TW)
Presentation Title Applications of Pack Cementation-based and Plasma-based Surface Treatment and Modification Technologies on Engineering Alloys

Name Dr. Narin Jantaping
Affiliation Chulalongkorn University & Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TW)
Presentation Title Effects of crystallographic texture and nano-scaled features on corrosion behaviors of electrodeposited zinc and their chromium passivation layers

Name Prof. Keiichiro Sano
Affiliation Kanto Gakuin University(JP)
Presentation Title Reduction of odor from industrial material by using vegetable polyphenol and ozone water

Name Prof. Hideyuki Kanematsu
Affiliation Suzuka College (JP)
Presentation Title Biofilms and Surface Finishing

Name Prof. Byungchan Han
Affiliation Yonsei University(KR)
Presentation Title First principles computational study of reaction thermodynamics and kinetics to design key materials for electrochemical energy devices

Name Dr. Jiaqian Qin
Affiliation Chulalongkorn University(TH)
Presentation Title Development of high hardness and wear resistance composite coatings

Name Prof. Kazuya Nakata
Affiliation Tokyo University of Science(JP)
Presentation Title Applications of Photocatalysis in Biology

Name Dr. Mei Yu
Affiliation Beihang University(CN)
Presentation Title Two-dimensional inhibitors and their anticorrosion properties in sol-gel coating on aluminum alloy

Name Prof. In Joon Son
Affiliation Kyungpook national university(KR)
Presentation Title Study on alternative electroplating processes for reducing gold usage in electrical connector

Affiliation RIST(KR)
Presentation Title Importance of Natural Oxide Film Control of Magnesium Plate

Name Prof. Katsuya Teshima
Affiliation Shinshu University(JP)
Presentation Title Flux Coating Innovation of Inorganic Crystal Layers for Next-Generation Energy and Environmental Applications

Name Prof. Jae-Ho Lee
Affiliation Hongik University(KR)
Presentation Title Electro and Electroless Plating for the Electronics Industrial Applications

Name Dr. Nguyen Van Phuong
Affiliation MSC Co. Ltd.(VND)
Presentation Title Electrochemical Plating of Cu-Sn Alloy in Non-cyanide Solution Using Tetrakis-(2-hydroxypropyl)-ethylenediamine as Complexing Agent

Name Prof. Han-Ki Kim
Affiliation Kyung Hee University (KR)
Presentation Title Highly flexible and transparetn IWO electrode for OLEDs and perovskite solar cells